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From CMI Gold & Silver

  • ETF gold holdings surge

    August 5th at 2:38pm

    SPDR Gold Shares, an ETF that owns physical bullion rather than financial derivatives, has become one of the world’s biggest hoards of gold, surpassing even the holdings of some central banks.Investors have scrambled to buy the precious metal and pushed it to record highs. Gold’s price passed $2,000 as it is widely viewed as insurance
  • GSR declines, as silver gains on gold

    July 31st at 9:27am

    Precious metals investors often use the gold-silver price ratio to decide which metal to buy.  Known as the GSR, it is derived by dividing the price of gold by the price of silver. A high GSR, a number above 60, over the past few decades has meant that silver is the better investment.  A GSR
  • Gold and silver prices explode

    July 22nd at 12:48pm

    Gold and silver prices have exploded.  Gold’s up $390 since its March low, silver up $10.60.  Silver’s gain is 87% versus gold’s 26%.  This is what was supposed to happen being that the GSR (gold silver price ratio) topped 100.  Silver has still more catching up to do. The renewed interest in the metals undoubtedly
  • Forbes again fails to inform

    July 21st at 9:34am

    Two days ago, Forbes ran an article about Senator Elizabeth Warren (Dem-MA) wants to cancel student debt in the next stimulus program.  However, no where in the piece did the writer reveal how much student debt was outstanding. Further, nothing in the article said anything about what to do about the students who have already
  • Did Forbes Magazine ever get this wrong!

    July 20th at 11:15am

    In November 2016, Forbes magazine (commonly known as “Forbes”) published an article titled “Four Reasons Why Gold Is A Bad Investment.”  Despite being a business magazine with a stellar reputation, established 1917, they really missed the boat with this article. November 2016 was a “down” month for gold, trading from $1300 to $1180.  So, let’s
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