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From Ownx

  • The Wisdom of Simplicity

    September 16th at 12:12pm

    You can sense it, can’t you? Fatigue is setting in. The degree with which technology has changed the world in the last decade has been enormous. Yet a common refrain among our friends and family goes like this… “If technology is supposed to save me all of this time, why ...

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  • Silver: The Magic Metal

    August 1st at 9:27am

    Okay. It may be a bit of an exaggeration to call silver bullion a “magic” metal. However, in the age of high tech, there is little argument that it is one of the most versatile industrial metals. For decades it has been used in solar electric panels. It is used ...

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  • Inertia Interrupted: New Megatrends Are Emerging

    July 9th at 9:58am

    Inertia is a powerful law of physics. A body in motion stays in motion until energy is applied in a new direction. It’s what we’ve experienced in the geopolitical and economic realm for decades. Momentum was building toward a world with ever-increasing centralized control and authority. National government’s power was ...

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  • Decentralization is the New Mega-Trend

    May 29th at 11:08am

    One word you’ll hear a lot in the financial world is “decentralization.” We use it frequently and doubtless you’ve encountered it in other blog posts, podcasts, and books discussing the subject of money. But today, let’s dig a little deeper into what decentralization means, and look at some practical ways ...

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  • Centralization vs. Decentralization: The Battle is Underway

    May 10th at 12:55pm

    Right now we are witnessing an epic battle between two competing principles – centralization and decentralization of systems that influence our culture. Let’s look at two examples and how they are creating major cross currents in the world today. The Global Monetary System For several hundred years, the world’s monetary ...

    The post Centralization vs. Decentralization: The Battle is Underway appeared first on OWNx.

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