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From Schiff Gold

  • Fun on Friday: Five Awful Uses for Gold

    August 7th at 8:06am

    We all want gold, right? We like gold things. Athletes compete for the gold medal. We give our loved ones gold jewelry. When something is great, we say it’s the gold standard. But there have been some pretty atrocious things made with gold. Here are my top-five awful uses for gold. 1. Gold poop pills […]
  • An Express Elevator Ride Up: SchiffGold Friday Gold Wrap Aug. 7, 2020

    August 7th at 6:37am

    Last week, gold broke its all-time record. This week, the express elevator kept going right up taking both gold and silver with it. In this episode of the Friday Gold Wrap podcast, host Mike Maharrey talks about gold’s push above $2,000 an ounce and silver’s even bigger gains. He also talks about the dynamics driving […]
  • Silver Breaks Above $28 an Ounce

    August 6th at 5:57am

    The price of silver broke above $28 an ounce Thursday morning. In the last 30 days, silver has gone up by nearly 54%. On the year, the white metal is up over 71%. Even with these big gains, silver remains historically undervalued compared to gold. Even as gold has broken all-time records this week and […]
  • Fed Commitment to Let Inflation Run Isn’t a Promise; It’s a Threat

    August 6th at 5:14am

    According to a recent CNBC report, the Federal Reserve is set to make a major commitment to “ramping up inflation.” According to the report, the Fed will pivot to “average inflation targeting.” With this strategy “inflation above the central bank’s usual 2% target would be tolerated and even desired.” Practically speaking, the Federal Reserve would […]
  • Americans Currently Owe More Than $21 Billion in Back Rent

    August 5th at 6:11am

    Most people remain blissfully ignorant of the economic wounds inflicted on the US economy by the government-imposed economic shutdowns in response to the coronavirus. But every once in a while, the curtain blows back and we catch a glimpse of the damage. For example, a report released last week by global advisory firm Stout, Risius […]
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