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From Schiff Gold

  • The Stock Market Is Completely Untethered From Economic Reality

    October 27th at 5:51am

    We’ve been saying for months that the stock market has completely disconnected from economic reality. The markets have hit record highs despite the economic chaos caused by the government response to COVID-19. As Peter Schiff put it in a podcast back in May, the markets are on a Fed-induced sugar high. In a recent article, […]
  • Peter Schiff: Sooner or Later Every Bubble Finds Its Pin

    October 27th at 5:01am

    Stocks sold off Monday as markets fretted over the lack of progress on stimulus and a rise in COVID-19 cases. In his podcast, Peter talked about the sell-off and the political dynamics driving the markets right now. He also drove down to a question nobody seems to want to grapple with: why are the markets […]
  • Who Will Fix The National Debt? It Looks Like Nobody

    October 25th at 3:11pm

    The FY2020 budget deficit came in at $3.13 trillion. At some point, the US government will have to reckon with the debt and spending. But according to recent analysis from the nonpartisan Committee for a Responsible Budget, neither Trump nor Biden appear prepared to do so. In fact, its analysis shows Trump would only be […]
  • Ranks of the Long-Term Unemployed Growing

    October 25th at 2:57pm

    The mainstream spin on unemployment is that things are improving. The unemployment rate is coming down. The number of weekly jobless claims recently fell below 800,000 for the first time since government lockdowns in response to the pandemic went into high gear last March. But there are some troubling signs that undercut this good-news narrative. […]
  • Fun on Friday: He Put 2 Pounds of Gold Where?

    October 23rd at 7:49am

    People will do just about anything to avoid paying taxes. Case in point – a man from Dubai shoved about 2 pounds of gold — where the sun don’t shine —  in order to avoid paying customs taxes in India. Yes. I said two pounds. Up his butt. Ouch. The man caught the attention of […]
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